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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Gold AG, kengetari qe u kendon femrave, deshmoreve dhe fese njekohesisht...

Gold AG: Seks per here te pare, kur isha shume i vogel

Nuk ia ka friken konkurrences, kendon te gjitha zhanret dhe temat e muzikes qe pelqen. Gold AG vjen ne nje rrefim te tij personal per ‘’Panorama plus’’, duke treguar per patriotizmin e tij dhe projektet muzikore, koncertet, festivalet dhe shume gjera te tjera.

Je identifikuar gjithmone se je kengetar qe u kendon femrave, deshmoreve dhe fese njekohesisht, te pengon kjo gje?
- Jo perkundrazi, ka pasur disa kritika sa kam mundur te verej qe kane thene “ja ky myslimani”, kur kane pare ndonje klip me femra, por sidoqofte mire kane thene, se une jam po ai myslimani, kenget per fe ua dedikoj atyre qe me degjojne dhe kane nevoje per orientim se nuk ka njeri pa gabime.

Ku je per momentin, me cfare po merresh, cilat jane projektet dhe te rejat e Gold Ag?
- Per momentin ne Prishtine, kam plane e koncerte me bollek. Per pavaresi me 17 dhe 18 shkurt jam ne Zvicer.

Ke konsideroni si rival ne muzike?
- Nuk kam asnje sa u perket kengeve, se kenget e mia dalin nga zemra e jo nga mendjemadhesia. E nese ata me kane rival, u them “Bujrum!”.

Ke pasur konfrontim fizik me dike?
- Po me heret.

Sa fitoni neper koncerte, sa paguheni?
- Krejt varet se ku kendon dhe per ke kendon. Nuk kam cmim fiks, se nuk mund te kerkoj te holla si diku qe i ze 500 veta, si diku qe hyjne 2000. Paguhem, jam i kenaqur.

Me intim me Gold AG!

Seks keni bere per here te pare…(kur)?
Shume i vogel (qesh).
Me ke jetoni?
Me nenen time.
Preferoni te bashkejetoni me te dashuren?
Kur te martohem.
Kur mendoni se eshte koha ideale per martese?
Koha me e mire eshte, kur t’i vije kismeti, mos me e lene te ike, (qesh).
I doni femijet, sa keni deshire te keni?
Lutem te Zoti qe te kem femije te shendoshe e, sado te jene, mire se te vijne.
Jeni xheloz?
Ne situata kritike, shume.
Bashkeshortja juaj doni qe te punoje apo te kujdeset per shtepine dhe femijet?
Sa eshte i vogel femija, sa nena nuk i duhet askush.

/blerand rexhepi/panorama plus/shkurt 2012/
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[[ translation by google:
Gold AG: Sex for the first time when I was very small

He has no fear competition, sings all the music genres and themes that I like. Gold AG comes in a personal account of his'' plus'' Panorama, showing his patriotism and musical projects, concerts, festivals and many other things.

You are always logged singer who sings the female, both heroes and religion, to prevent it?
- No on the contrary, there has been some criticism as I could notice that said "here this Muslim", ie when they saw a clip of the woman, however well told, that I am is he a Muslim, dedicate songs to their religion those who most need to hear orientation and no one is without flaws.

Where are you at present, with what else, what are the projects and the Gold Ag News?
- Currently in Pristina, the concerts have plans galore. For independence on February 18 and 17 m in Switzerland.

Whom do you consider as a rival in music?
- I have no regard to the songs, that my songs come from the heart, not out of arrogance. And if they have a rival, I say "expecting."

Have you had a physical confrontation with someone?
- But earlier.

As you gain in concerts as paid?
- All depends on where and to whom sings sings. I have not fixed price, you can not ask for money that sound like some 500 people, as some who enter 2000. Paid, I am satisfied.

More intimate with Gold AG!

Sex have done for the first time ... (when)?
Very little (laughs).
With whom do you live?
With my mother.
Prefer cohabiting with a girlfriend?
When I get married.
When do you think is the ideal time for marriage?
The best time is when to come kismeti, do not let him go (laughs).
I want children, how you would like to have?
I pray to God to have healthy children, however be, better than to come.
Are you jealous?
In critical situations, too.
Want your spouse to work or take care of home and children?
What is the small child as the mother does not need one.

/ Blerand rexhepi / Panorama plus / February 2012 / ]]

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The term is sometimes used to specifically refer to the spreading of dirt and misinformation, as (for example) through excited discussion of scandals. Some newspapers carry "gossip columns" which detail the social and personal lives of celebrities or of élite members of certain communities.

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