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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Vesa Luma dhe Big Basta Dueti i Vitit 2012?

Big Basta dhe Vesa Luma rikthehen bashke, mbajne te fshehte duetin e tyre

Do te jene cifti i vitit 2012, te pakten ne muzike. Dy kengetaret, Big Basta dhe Vesa Luma, dy ish-protagoniste te “Dancing with the stars” ne “Vizion Plus” do te shfaqen se bashku kesaj here me nje klip, qe pritet te publikohet ne fillim te 2012-s. Dy artistet e perfolur per nje lidhje mes tyre tashme duket se kane vendosur t’i lene pas fjalet qe qarkullojne, duke menduar te pushtojne tregun muzikor ne Shqiperi dhe ate ne Kosove, me nje kenge shume te vecante te titulluar “Boom”. Jo pa qellim e kane titulluar keshtu kete kenge te re, me te cilen parashikojne te bejne vertet “boom” ne muzike. Plani per te realizuar nje klip se bashku, ishte qe ne vere kur dolen dhe disa foto ne media, qe aludonin per nje lidhje mes tyre. U duk se pati nje ftohje mes kengetareve pas kesaj, nderkohe qe duket se tashme i jane rikthyer miqesise me kete bashkepunim te tyre te pare. posted at Aktualisht Vesa ndodhet ne Tirane e angazhuar ne jurine e “X Factor”, qe pritet te filloje ne “Tv Klan”. Ndersa per Big Basten ky vit ka qene shume i suksesshem, me disa cmime te fituara ne “Netet e Klipit” dhe “Kenga Magjike”. /panorama plus/dhjetor 2011/
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Big Basta and Vesa Luma back together, the duo keep their secret

Will 2012 be the year the couple, at least in music. Two singers, Big Basta and Vesa Luma, two former protagonists of "Dancing with the Stars" to "Vision Plus" will appear together this time with a clip, to be published in early 2012-s. Two artists rumored for a link between them seems to have already decided to leave after words that move, thinking to conquer the music market in Albania and in Kosovo, with a very special song called "Boom". Not without purpose have named this new song so, which do indeed provide the "boom" in music. Plan to carry out a clip together, was that in the summer when the picture came out, and some in the media, Lobby for a link between them. It seemed that there was an estrangement between singers after this, while it seems to have already been restored friendship with this their first collaboration. posted at Dew is currently engaged in Tirana on the jury of "X Factor", which is expected to start in "TV Klan." As for Big Basten this year has been very successful, with several prizes won in the "clip Nights" and "Song Magic".

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